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Say good-bye to unwanted noise and shock vibrations after using Proaim Microphone Blimp! Whether you are shooting a wedding or world news or an outdoor event, you need a professional audio. Microphone Blimp which is essentially a hollow cage with an acoustic cover creates a volume of still air that surrounds the microphone. An elastic microphone suspension system further isolates the mic from the cage. Refinements to our BMP60 R Blimp Microphone Windscreen make it ideal for outdoor use for Audio Recordings, ENG, Film and Video productions.

Pro 40cm with Extension Blimp Microphone Windscreen Shock Mount System with Fur Covers.

RUGGED and LIGHTWEIGHT 40cm to 60cm Blimp windshield with microphone suspension ensures clear and noiseless sound recordings.

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION accommodates Mics up to 24mm in diameter and 16″ in length.
QUICK and EASY ASSEMBLY of Entire Mic Blimp and microphone suspension system includes 12 shock absorber/3 support rings.

60cm and 40cm FUR COVER is designed to reduce and eliminate wind noise when recording in adverse environmental conditions thereby providing pristine audio recordings.

INTEGRATED SHOCK MOUNT and foam windscreen minimize handling and wind noise to keep your recordings crystal clear.

  • Outdoor Events
  • Field Recordings
  • Studio Recordings
  • Press Conferences
  • Ribbon Cuttings
  • Broadcasting / Live stream events
  • Field documentaries
  • TV & film applications

– ABS constructed Pistol Grip handle with XLR cable connection
– Blimp Windscreen extension of 20cm provided (40cm-60cm)
– Accommodates Mics up to 24mm in diameter and up to 58cm in length
– 40cm synthetic fur cover for additional audio control
– 15mm & 25mm 6 pc mic holders