• Patience – Patience is important to you, who often reach out for support when you are confused and frustrated, but it’s also important to Team Ally AV at large.
  • Attentiveness – Team Ally acknowledges your needs and able to “read” your state of mind. More importantly though, this skill is essential because we don’t want to misread a you and end up losing your confidence due to confusion and miscommunication.
  • Clear Communication – Team Ally makes sure that we getting to the problem at hand quickly; you don’t need our life story or to hear about the complications that are part of solving the problem.
  • Knowledge of Services and Equipment: Team Ally works on having a deep knowledge of services provided and how the equipment works. Without us knowing our services and equipment from front to back, we won’t know how to help you when problems arise.
  • Ability to Use Positive Language – Language is a very important part of Ally’s team building process, and people (especially the customers) create perceptions about us based off of the language that we use. We strive to focus on when/how we will solve your request instead of the causes for the issue or problems.
  • A Calming Presence – Ally AV team members practice and maintain their ability to stay calm, and even influence others when things get a little hectic.
  • Ability to Handle Surprises – Maybe the problem we encounter isn’t specifically covered in the standard audio visual operator’s manual, whatever the case, it’s best to be able to think on our feet and adapt to any situation.

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