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Clear 48" Podium Stand

The Clear 48″ Podium Stand is offered in a sparkling clear look, the smooth, sculptured structure will complement any setting. It boasts an elegant, slanted stem to give it a stylish, professional look and stands 47 inches tall for the right comfort during any presentation.

Product Description:

Elegance meets functionality with our modern and high quality acrylic Clear 48″ Podium Stand.
Connect with your audience and create an impact.

When we stand behind a podium without being fully seen, we dramatically reduce our connection. So, not only is this clear 48″ podium stand beautiful, but the open face creates connection between the audience and the speaker. Body language speaks louder than words.

* 1/2 Inch Thick Acrylic
* Height 40” (reading side), 48” (audience side)
* Surface Area: 21.5inches x 15.5 inches
* 1.5 inch Thick Edge to Fit Big Books!
* Stable Base – 22” x 16”
* Elegant Modern design

The Clear 48″ Podium Stand can be used for…

Reading Stand for:

  1. Conferences
  2. Valet Podium
  3. Teacher Lectern
  4. Pulpits For Churches
  5. Checkout Counter
  6. Stand Up Reception Desk
  7. Wedding podium
  8. Presentation Podium
  9. Hostess Stand