The Floating Technician is an Onsite General AV Technician provides Client Assistance and Support for Multi-Room Functions.

** Ally AV Technicians are booked by-the-day. Book each day separately **

Ally AV wants and strives for excellence in service, relationship growth and experiences from our clients but also from our technicians. Life is about learning and growing from building upon day to day experiences. Ally encourages our staff to be proactive and to stay ahead of the constant change in technology, and the applications of this technology.

Ally AV has created several categories within the Competency and Proficiency Scale which include, but not limited to, the Basic, Intermediary, Advanced, and Expert AV Tech shown below.

Competencies and Proficiency Scale: Intermediate

Floating Technician Skill Level Classification: Class 2

In addition to Class 1, the AV Technician is able to successfully complete tasks competently and can perform independently:

  • Provides excellent customer service when solving AV problems
  • Assists with audio visual presentations, troubleshooting and testing audio visual equipment

  Learn more about Ally AV’s Techs and our Competency and Proficiency Scale

AV Tech labor is at a minimum of 4 blocks (hours) and calculated by Standard, Time and One Half, or Double Time


7am – 6pm, Monday through Saturday = Standard Time
6pm – Midnight, Monday through Saturday = Time and One Half
Midnight – 7am, Monday through Saturday = Double Time
Sunday = Time and One Half
Holidays = Double Time